Company Operational and Client Segregated Accounts

The Bank is able to offer eligible customers two accounts to assist them segregate proprietary funds from monies belonging to their clients.

Online Banking

Customers are able to manage their accounts 24/7 through the Bank's Online Banking Platform. The Bank offers its customers the ability to set up multiple users with differing authority rights to ensure the necessary control and continuity. Entry into the platform is authenticated through the Spar Key application that may be downloaded on mobile phones and Windows OS operated devices.


The Bank is a direct participant in SEPA, TARGET and SWIFT. Payment intensive customers may also benefit from our bulk payment service, allowing them to upload over 1000 payments with one sign off. The Bank also offers accounts and payments in a great number of currencies and competitive foreign exchange rates across all pairs.


The Bank's standard automated reporting system is likely to work seamlessly for most customers. For the more transaction intensive customers, the Bank is able to enable the receipt of information on transactions and account balances in the form of SWIFT message type(s) and / or XLS or CSV format via e-mail or SWIFT.

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