Team of Specialists

Meet our team of experienced and qualified bankers, competent and able to support relationships in a wide range of businesses. The Bank seeks to support a number of industries particularly those conducting their activity with the seal of a regulatory approval.

Account Opening Process

The process begins by filling out an Applicant for Business Form that is tailored for the industry in which your company operates. If filled out exhaustively, our Corporate Banking Team shall be able to provide feedback as to whether your application would fit within the Bank's Customer Acceptance Principles or otherwise. Please contact us with the name of the legal entity and a brief description of your activity so that a member of our team may reach out to you with the correct Applicant for Business form.

After the Corporate Banking Team confirms that your company is eligible to become a customer of the Bank, they will be providing you with a list of documentation that needs to be collected. These are company documents confirming who the controlling persons are, application forms and due diligence documentation on the controlling persons, and persons operating the bank account.

Naturally the collection of information and paperwork takes time. The Bank invests a lot of time in collecting information before the account is opened to ensure that the account may be managed without unneccesary interruptions once it is opened. The timeline depends on a number of factors including the risk of the customer profile, the responsiveness of the applicant and the intermediaries who may be involved. This could last from a couple of weeks to a few months.

The Bank's standard tariff sheets are available for consultation within the Document Repository section of this website. There may also be an application fee or onboarding fee that would be commensurate to the work required to onboard the applicant as a customer.


Over the years the Bank has sought, cherished and honed relationships with professional intermediaries in the corporate services profession, the accountancy and audit professions, globally. We recognise the value of corporate services providers and other intermediaries to our customers.

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