Vision and Mission

Our vision is to grow our enterprise into a recognised European financial institution as a provider of banking, investment, depositary and fund custody services, excelling in service and expertise.

Our mission is to deliver value to our customers by offering quality, professional and effective services through a dedicated and talented team of professionals. It is through these actions that we can assist in delivering value.

Shareholding Structure

Sparkasse Bank Malta plc was established in Malta in 2000. The Bank is fully owned by Anteilsverwaltungssparkasse Schwaz (“AVS”), a corporate entity established in Austria, governed by the Austrian Savings Bank Act, whose activities consist in holding and managing its assets, mainly its participation in Sparkasse Schwaz AG, a savings bank established in Austria, and in Sparkasse Bank Malta plc through Sparkasse (Holdings) Malta Limited.


Sparkasse Bank Malta plc is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority as a credit institution in terms of the Banking Act (Chapter 371 of the Laws of Malta) and as Investment Firm and Depository in terms of the Investment Services Act (Chapter 370 of the Laws of Malta). The Bank has established a branch in Dublin, Ireland, for the provision of depositary services to collective investment schemes, and is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to act as depositary to Irish authorised investment funds.

Business Model

The Bank seeks to avoid complexity of product and or services and embraces transparency, ethics and prudence in its business.
We aim to nurture relationships with our customers seeking to add value through what we do. Our banking and investment services are geared toward corporate entities, private customers, funds, asset managers and other regulated investment entities.

Governance and Organisation

The responsibility for the management and administration of the Bank vests in the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of the chairman, three independent non-executive directors and the Managing Director. The Board of Directors has appointed an Audit Committee to assist the Board in its supervisory function in respect of the Bank’s internal control, internal audit and risk management systems and the Bank’s accounting policies and external audit.The Board of Directors has delegated executive functions to senior management, currently the Managing Director (CEO). The Bank’s Management Committee supports and assists senior management in the performance of their executive tasks. The heads and managers of the various departments are represented on the Management Committee to ensure effective coordination between departments in implementing strategy, policies and procedures and top-down and bottom-up communication within the Bank. The Bank follows the three-lines-of-defence model: it is organised so that the departments responsible for the business lines are separate from those responsible for support functions and internal control functions respectively. The Bank has outsourced internal audit to an independent audit firm.