Wealth Management

Our Philosophy

At Sparkasse Bank Malta plc, we understand that wealth means different things to different people. By offering a wide range of banking and investment services we are able to help you acquire wealth, use it, protect it and pass it on to the next generation.

Wealth Management is a lot more than just a service or product at Sparkasse Bank Malta plc. We appreciate the uniqueness of each client while giving importance to core values, family circumstances and life goals. We recognise that implicit in that exercise is an unflinching loyalty to the fundamental values of knowledge, integrity, dedication and accountability. Coupled with administrative arrangements that ensure the efficiency in execution, record keeping and monitoring activities Sparkasse Bank Malta plc ensures the highest quality of personalised Wealth Management.

Building a Portfolio

Phase One- Meeting with Client

We strive to find solutions which offer the best fit for the client’s financial needs. Rather than placing new clients into prefabricated products we seek to customise solutions geared to meet those needs and ultimately ensure effective protection, accumulation and management of wealth. Initial client meetings are key in the process.

The process involves:

Familiarisation: getting to know the client, listening to the client’s goals, plans and aspirations.

Assimilation: adopting the client’s personal considerations and making them our own with a view to evaluating them against the economic and market background.

Rationalisation: provision of an initial strategy framework that may accommodate those goals and finds a compromise or solution for the resulting considerations emerging from the Familiarisation and Assimilation process.

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Phase Two- Structuring the Account

An integral part of wealth planning process is in the selection of a suitable structure in order to ensure that our client achieves the aspired goals. Choosing the right structure is fundamental for an investor and we must therefore ensure that the choice will be functional to its purpose, feasible and advantageous to the client. Wealth Management is  not only about which investments are pursued but how they are held, the incidence of tax, choosing the right legal arrangements for their holding,  ease of accessibility to them, succession to the assets and their ease of transferability. A successful investment wrapped in flawed legal arrangements equates to a failed investment strategy. The right structuring arrangements are vital.

Phase Three- Account Opening

Where the client’s aspirations can be met and successfully pursued the structuring and account opening process may begin by providing for the infrastructure or platform from which to pursue those goals. Comforted by the Client Meeting phase and our familiarity with his/her circumstances we ensure the Due Diligence Process is done with the utmost of diligence but as expeditiously and efficiently as possible.

Phase Four- Investment Strategy

The Managed Advisory Mandate: Our Managed Advisory Service caters for clients who wish to manage their portfolio with the help of an advisor who can provide strategic and tactical guidance. By adopting a non-discretionary approach, you become part of the investment management team taking on an active involvement in the management of your wealth. You have the final say in all decisions relating to your investments, but will have the ability to draw on the bank’s ideas and suggestions and access to our research and support in assessing, formulating and executing your objectives. Effectively, clients work with their dedicated portfolio manager to construct and monitor a suitable investment portfolio.

Execution Only: Our Execution Only Dealing Service is appropriate for experienced and financially sophisticated clients who prefer to manage their own portfolio of investments, while leveraging off Sparkasse’s infrastructural support for execution, settlement and custody. You will have access to our and our group’s investment recommendations, market analysis reports as well as economic and business briefing papers. The day to day management of the portfolio and all related decisions will ultimately be your own.

Phase Five- Implementation & Monitoring

Implementation: Your financial plan will depend on how much you wish to be involved in the investment process. In any case, whether you delegate the implementation to us or manage your own investments, you will have access to our first class execution services and the expertise of our most senior managers and analysts. We are increasingly aware that customers are ever more knowledgeable and savvy investors and thus seek more involvement and control over the manner in which their wealth is being managed. With this in mind, we offer customers the possibility to benefit from our expertise while enjoying more
control of their money.

Monitoring: After the implementation of your financial plan, we will carefully monitor, review and report on your portfolio on a regular basis. From time to time the portfolio will be strategically adjusted to increase protection from potential threats and seek to benefit from upcoming opportunities.

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