Security Notices

Security Notices

Sparkasse Bank Malta plc is committed to safeguarding the security and confidentiality of its customers’ personal information. This requires customers to take a proactive role in cooperating with the Bank’s measures and take other practical security measures. The following are the IT security measures which the Bank recommends its customers to take:

-          Spark Key;

-          Spar Konnekt, PSD2 API;

-          Protecting computers and other devices;

-          Securing internet browsing sessions;

-          Online Banking System considerations;

-          Smishing;

-          Phishing;  

-          Identity Theft;

-          Fraud; and

More detailed information is available in the attached Security Notices slide deck.

Support Directory

Online Services and the Spar Key App

  • Support and assistance regarding the Online Services;
  • Notifications related to the Online Services (e.g. fraudulent or unauthorised use, breaches, security issues);
  • Un-blocking of the Online Services or the App;

  • Support and assistance regarding the App;
  • Notifications related to the App (e.g. loss, theft or misappropriation of a Device, unauthorised  use of the App or disclosure of security credentials);
  • Notifications regarding Account Information Service Providers (AISPs) and Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs), also referred to as Third Party providers (TPPs) (e.g. fraudulent or unauthorised access, withdrawal of consent)

Payment and other banking services

  • Support and assistance regarding Payment Transactions and payment services;
  • Notifications related to payment services (e.g. incorrect or defective execution; loss, theft or unauthorised use of a Payment Instrument; request for rectification);
  • Information on breakdown of Charges;
  • Notification of objection to changes to the Agreement (including Banking Terms, OS Terms and User’s Terms);
  • Closure of Account(s) and notice of termination of the Agreement (including Banking Terms, OS Terms and User’s Terms);

Data protection and privacy

  • Enquiries regarding data protection;
  • Request to exercise data subject’s rights;
  • Withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data for the provision of payment services (notice of termination);

  • Communications with Data Protection Officer;


  • Filing of a complaint;

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