Financial Practitioners

Sparkasse Bank Malta plc recognises the importance of corporate services providers and other intermediaries to its business. Over the years the bank has sought, cherished and honed relationships with professional referees in the corporate services profession, the accountancy and audit professions, globally.

We understand that professionals given professional mandates to administer, manage or service elements of their clients' business or portfolio requires them very often to choose or influence the choice for the appropriate bank to provide that client with the banking services it requires. Our extensive experience with such typology of client allows us to truly appreciate how the choices you make reflect on the quality and value of your own business.  We are sensitive to this peculiarity and thus confident that we have built a platform, infrastructure, and procedures that cater to that need and make that aspect of your mandate as simple, burdenless and easy as possible.

We have prepared the Professional referee's pack which we are confident will provide you, your firm or business the tools you need to ascertain whether we can service your business and how you may become a recognised referee with Sparkasse Bank Malta.

Please access the dowloadable document, by clicking on the box below, which gives notice of the recent legislation passed in parliament. The act consequently enforces amendments to the Bank's Due Diligence and Know Your Customer requirements.

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