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New Terms and Conditions

12/09/2016 13:34:18

Sparkasse Bank Malta plc has reviewed its Terms and Conditions which are accessible on the Bank’s website by clicking here.

The new set of Terms and Conditions will replace the previous terms and conditions in their entirety with effect from 14th November 2016, for existing Customers and their respective Signatories and Restricted Users appointed in respect of the Bank’s online services, as explained below.

For existing Customers, the new General Terms and Conditions for Banking Services will govern the operation of giro accounts and related payment services provided by the Bank, from 14th November 2016. The Additional Terms and Conditions for Online Services, will also apply to existing Customers using the Bank’s online services, while persons acting as Signatories or Restricted Users on behalf of such Customers will be subject to the Terms and Conditions for the use of the Online Services, from 14th November 2016.

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