Fund Custody & Depository Services

Fund Custody is a core business for us at Sparkasse Bank Malta plc.

Our experience and knowledge in this field enables us to be nimble and flexible, allowing us to offer practical workable solutions to our customers.

By choosing not to provide other related fund services such as Fund Administration or Management, we avoid all potential conflicts of interest and focus entirely on what it is we are truly hired to do i.e. – safekeeping, record keeping, monitoring and reporting.

Our custody services revolve around you, whether dealing with a Professional Investor Fund or a Retail UCITS Fund, we always offer a high degree of service and attention. As private bankers, we like to think of this as ‘Private Banking’ for the fund industry.

We acknowledge the responsibilities and obligations bestowed upon us as Custodians – for this reason, we are committed to making the necessary investment in IT, Human Resources and ongoing training in Legislation, Regulation and Compliance. Only in this manner can we guarantee a high and robust standard of service to our customer.

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