Euro - SEPA Payments

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) payments fall within the parameters of the initiative taken by the European banking industry to make all electronic payments across the euro area – by bank transfer - as easy as domestic payments.

Non SEPA Payments - SWIFT

Non SEPA payments – these are transacted through Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications infrastructure available to us through our correspondent banking network.

Standing Orders

Paying regular bills by standing order saves you having to remember that a payment is due and making the payment yourself by writing out a cheque, mailing it or queuing to make the payment.

You can set a standing order to:

  • pay another account of yours, such as when a loan repayment is made or you wish to transfer a regular amount to your savings account
  • pay a third party in an account with Sparkasse Bank Malta plc
  • pay a third party in an account elsewhere (convenient to pay frequent bills)
  • pay another bank

You can schedule payments to be made:

  • Up to a maximum number
  • Up to a specified date
  • Up to a total amount

Standing orders are a more convenient and secure way of effecting payments.

Bulk Payments

We also offer the facility of bulk payments for clients who need to effect multiple payments via a single instruction. In this manner we help clients reduce administrative burdens and increase for operational efficiency.

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