Spar Key

Sparkasse Bank Malta plc is in the process of introducing the “Spar Key” authentication application which meets the requirements of the EU’s Payment Services Directive II (PSD2). The app will be used to authenticate all user logins into the Bank’s online banking system and to authorise all payment/security order transactions.

Privacy Notice

The Bank is subject to the requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When the application is used, the following information related to the device on which it is installed, is collected:

  • Geo-location
  • IP Address
  • Device and OSs details
  • Security issues specific to the device
  • Version of the App

The above information will be held on the Bank’s systems and may fall within the GDPR’s definition of personal data. The data is collected for the purposes of transaction monitoring, security validation and to assist with regulatory reporting obligations under the EU’s Payment Service Directive II (PSD II).

A specific Privacy Notice exclusive to the Spar Key applicable is accessible through the link below:

Spar Key Privacy Notice

For more information, please refer to the Bank’s ‘General Data Protection Notice to Customers’ accessible by clicking here or contact the bank’s Data Protection Officer at

Technical Document:

Spar Key Technical Document

Support and Troubleshooting:


Current OTP Token Login

Q: I have lost my token, what should I do?

A: Please send an email to from an authorised email address connected to the account to de-activate your token. We will issue a new token and apply a charge of EUR35.

Q: I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

A: Please send an email to from an authorised email address connected to the account to de-activate your token. We will issue a new credentials letter so that you may re-set your password.

About Spar Key

Q: What is Spar Key?

A: Spar Key is an authentication application which will serve to authenticate entry into the online banking platform and to authenticate payment and securities orders instructions. It is not a mobile banking application.

Q: From where will I be able to download Spar Key?

A: Spar Key may be used on either Andriod, Apple iOS and Windows devices. For more guidance on which software versions Spar Key is compatible with, please refer to the Spar Key Technical Document found on the Spar Key page on the Bank’s website and on the Library page.

Q: Will I be able to download and use Spar Key on my Apple MacBook?

A: No, Spar Key will not be available on Apple MacBook devices. Spar Key will be available for download only on the applicable software versions of Andriod, Apple iOS and Windows.

Q: What kind of file is Spar Key for Windows desktop?

A:The Windows version of Spar Key is downloaded in the form of an Application file, a “.exe” file and is an application program that requires execution each time Spar Key is required for the Online Banking login. As such Spar Key is not solution that requires installation, but rather it is an Application file that should kept in a secure location on your device (Computer, Laptop, as applicable). Deleting the Spar Key application would necessitate a new download and a new activation on the said device.

In the case of remote desktop setups within companies, for example, if the “Downloads” folder is set to be emptied at the end of each day, the Bank does not recommend leaving the Spar Key Application file in such folders. However, given the sensitivity of the functions carried out via Spar Key, the Bank does not recommend that users place the Spar Key Application file on the “Desktop”.  Please note that file management and security is the responsibility of the Device Owners (Customers). 

Q: I would like to use Spar Key on more than one device, may I do so?

A: Yes, Spar Key may be downloaded and linked to one profile on up to a maximum of three devices.

Migration from the OTP Token to Spar Key

Q: When will my existing token be migrated to Spar Key?

A: The customers of the Bank will be transitioned gradually onto the new authentication application, Spar Key, between July and September. The first set of customers will be transitioned shortly by when the application will be available for download. The Bank will notify customers in advance of their planned transition date. While the transition period is ongoing, those customers who have not yet transitioned may continue to access our online services via their token as normal. The current OTP token and Spar Key will run in parallel during the transition phase.

Q: When will I know that I need to migrate onto Spar Key?

A: The Bank will give customers a few days’ advance notice of their transition date. Customers will be greeted with a migration wizard upon entry into their online banking platform. The migration wizard will appear from the transition date and will be there to guide customers through the transition process. The wizard may be postponed for a few days, after which the customer would be required to migrate onto Spar Key.

Q: Can I postpone the migration to Spar Key and keep on using my token?

A: Yes, customers will be able to postpone the scheduled migration by a few days after which the migration will be obligatory. We recommend that should you have urgent payments to submit, first use the token as usual, and then undergo the migration at more convenient time of the day.

Q: Do I need my token after I migrate onto Spar Key?

A: No, following successful migration you should dispose of the token in a secure manner.

Historical Communication:

Notification to Customers - 9th October 2018

Notification to Customers - 19th December 2018

Notification to Customers - 16th May 2019

End User License Agreements:




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