Sparkasse Bank Malta plc Standard Settlement Instructions

The purpose of this information is to provide Customers with guidance on how they can send payment instructions to Sparkasse Bank Malta p.l.c. (the “Bank” or “Sparkasse”) in relation to settlement of transactions. Payment instructions will be processed by the Bank when the Bank receives all the required information in the requested currency specific format and provided that such information is correct, subject to the applicable Cut-Off Times under the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions for Banking Services.

Incoming funds in favour of the Customer’s Bank accounts held with Sparkasse will be credited according to the Value Date provided by the counterparty and cannot be back-dated.

Customers should note that the beneficiary name and IBAN or account number must always be quoted in Field 59 for MT103 transfers. Requests for cancellations or amendments will be handled on a best effort basis, in accordance with the Bank’s General Terms and Conditions for Banking Services.

Sparkasse Bank Malta p.l.c. can accept the following types of instructions through the correspondent network:

• SEPA (Direct Participant)
• TARGET2 (Direct Participant)

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